• Eurydice for harp and oboe, 2016. Duration: 8’30”
  • Sonata for clarinet and piano, 2015. 18’

Clarinet Sonata, first movement audio excerpt

Clarinet Sonata, second movement (“Supplication”) audio excerpt

  • Suara Suadin for ten instruments (fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, vn 1, vn 2, vla, vc, cb), 2009. 6’
  • Midsummer Idyll for oboe d’amore (or clarinet) and piano, 2009.  5’30”

Midsummer Idyll audio excerpt

  • Vocalise for clarinet with viola, piano, and percussion, 1994. 5’
  • Aubade for english horn, piano, percussion, and double bass. 1992, 10’

Aubade audio excerpt


  • Two pieces from Fire Down Below for string trio, 2014. 6′
  • Tarantella for violin and piano, 2011. 6’
  • Sonata for violin and piano, 2011. 24’

Violin Sonata audio excerpt

  • The Princess and the Man with a Pure Heart for violin, cello, and narrator, 2010. Text adapted from the Mahabharata. 15′
  • Holmes Suite for piano, violin, viola, and cello, 2006. 14’
  • Quartet for Piano and Strings, 2003. 25’
  • Scherzando for Piano Quartet, 2003. 6’


  • Etz Chaim / Tree of Life for choir (SATB) and piano, 2014. 4’30”

Etz Chayim audio excerpt

  • At War’s End for chamber choir and small instrumental ensemble (hp, via, vc, pft), 2011. Poems by Walt Whitman. 16’
  • Babylon for chorus and chamber orchestra, 2002.  Poem by Nathalie Anderson, after Psalm 137. 17’
  • If Music be the Food of Love for choir (SA or SAB) and piano, 2002.  2’20”

If Music be the Food of Love audio excerpt


  • Fire Down Below: Cantata for soprano and string trio, 2014. Words from journals of Elizabeth Bray, 1814-95. 20′
  • Rossetti Songs for soprano and piano, 2011. Poems by Christina Rossetti. 11’

Rossetti Songs audio excerpt

  • Two Songs on Poems by Linda Pastan for soprano and piano. 1997. 4’45”
  • Snapshot of My Mother at 15 for mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano, 1995. Poem by Linda Pastan. 5’
  • Sea Canes: Four Songs on Poems of Derek Walcott for mezzo-soprano and nine instruments, 1988. 25′


  • Romanza, 1994. 11′


  • The Corner, 2014. 5′

The Corner audio excerpt


  • Vashti for advanced youth orchestra, 2015. 10′

Vashti audio excerpt 1  Vashti audio excerpt 2

  • Anniversary Fanfare for String Orchestra, 2014. Duration: 1’10”
  • Inside/Outside for Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar, flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, percussion, piano, violin, and cello, 2012. 7’30”
  • Afterimage for Symphony Orchestra, 1998. 10′.
  • Into the Light for Baritone and Orchestra on a poem by James Wright, 1992. 9′


  • Cinderella, score for the 1922 silent film by Lotte Reiniger, 2017.
  • Soundtrack score to Minding Swarthmore, a film by Shayne Lightner, 2014.
  • Soundtrack score to Beirut Philadelphia, a film by Eugene Martin, 2012.
  • Ori for string quartet and dancers, 2000.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: suite for solo cello and dancers, 1993.


  • The Royal Singer, a chamber opera in one act for children, 2015. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson, after a scenario by Stephen Russell.
  • Prologue, Ciappelleto’s Scene, and Interludes for Decameron, a chamber opera after Boccaccio, 2010. Libretto by Karen Saillant.
  • A Scandal in Bohemia: chamber opera in two acts, after a story by A. Conan Doyle, 2008. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.
  • Sukey in the Dark: chamber opera in one act, 2001; revised 2016. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.
  • The Black Swan, chamber opera in two acts after the novella by Thomas Mann; 1996. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.

Audio excerpt from The Black Swan, Act II, scene ii: I Trio

Audio excerpt from The Black Swan, Act II, scene ii: The Kiss


Audio excerpt credits:


Excerpt from Aubade performed by Dorothy Freeman, English Horn, and Orchestra 2001, conducted by James Freeman, from CRI CD723

The Black Swan, Act II, scene ii

Audio excerpts from the September 1998 production, directed by Sarah Caldwell, in Lang Performing Arts Center, Swarthmore College.  Orchestra 2001, James Freeman, artistic director.

Setting: Düsseldorf, Germany, 1920’s.  Rosalie von Tümmler, her daughter Anna, and Ken Keaton, a young American, admire the famous swans in the moat at Holterhof castle.  Later, while exploring the ruins, Rosalie and Ken find each other in a kiss.

Anna: Tamara Matthews

Ken: David Kravitz

Rosalie: Freda Herseth

Black Swan: Act II, scene ii libretto excerpts

Clarinet Sonata

Excerpts from a live performance by clarinetist Ana Catalina Ramirez and pianist Charles Abramovic.

The Corner

Excerpts from a live performance by the Swarthmore College Wind Ensemble, conducted by Andrew Hauze.

Etz Chayim

Excerpt from a live performance by the Chester Children’s Chorus, conducted by John Alston.

If Music be the Food of Love

Excerpt from a live performance by the Chester Children’s Chorus, conducted by John Alston.

Midsummer Idyll

Excerpt from a live performance by Dorothy Freeman.


Rossetti Songs

Excerpt from “Strike the Bells” from Rossetti Songs performed in concert by Tamara Ryan, soprano, and Andrew Hauze, piano.

Poem: “A Peal of Bells” by Christina Rossetti

Sonata for Violin and Piano

Excerpt from Sonata for Violin and Piano performed in concert by Barbara Govatos, violin, and Marcantonio Barone, at the 2011 Delaware Chamber Music Festival.


Excerpts from a live performance by the Delaware County Youth Orchestra, conducted by Andrew Hauze.